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There are four steps in ridding your community of narcotics:

  • Take an active role in the safety of your community
  • Be aware
  • Be concerned
  • Report narcotic activity

How to spot narcotic activity in your neighborhood

Be suspicious of:

  • People meeting in public places (parks, parking lots, public establishments, in the road) and exchanging packages.
  • People who accumulate expensive "toys" (cars, boats, off-road vehicles, RV's) who do not work, or who do not have any apparent source of income.
  • Frequent visitors who come to a house and stay for only a few minutes. They may come on foot or in vehicles.
  • Visitors coming or going at odd hours.
  • Residents who leave their house all hours of the day and night, or to persons parking their vehicle down the street and walking up to a house.
  • People leaving their house to use public or car phones.
  • Secretive modifications or construction to a house or property. This could indicate the building of a drug laboratory, a marijuana greenhouse, or hiding place for drugs.
  • Chemical odors that could indicate the presence of a drug laboratory.
  • Hoses and electrical cords running out to garages or other outside buildings. This could indicate the presence of a drug laboratory or a marijuana greenhouse.
  • Persons going to extreme measures to protect their privacy and security, especially if it doesn’t fit the neighborhood. For example, bars on doors and windows, video surveillance cameras, attack dogs, windows blacked out or covered with foil, security gates, the posting of guards, threats to neighbors or innocent trespassers.



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